GamePlan Investing

“GamePlan” Investing

"GamePlan" investing seeks to provide more consistent returns over time, by responsively managing market risk and identifying opportunities for growth.

We believe the traditional approach to asset allocation needs to expand, to include more asset classes and to have a greater focus on hedging and risk mitigation.  Traditionally, bonds and cash have done a good job of diversifying the volatility of stocks, but in this low interest rate environment, additional techniques are needed.

Depending on your risk tolerance and desired goals, we generally allocate portions of your investments to four different categories:  traditional, bond focused, long/short, and market and ETF timing.  Several of the managers and investment approaches offered used to be available only to institutional and high net worth investors.  This combination prepares your portfolio for changing markets, by putting in place a thoughtful mix of asset allocation approaches and strategies based on your individual goals.

In baseball, once you get three outs, it is time to put the defense on the field.  We take a similar approach to investing.  When we determine the trend on an investment has struck out, we don’t just “hold and hope,” we adapt.  We believe there are times to take advantage of the market environment and times when the priority is simply to avoid market risk.  Protecting your portfolio in down markets is as important as having a good offense in up markets.

Many investors struggle with the emotional aspect of managing dollars.  Various studies have shown that many investors become greedy when they should be fearful, and fearful when they should be greedy.  With  "GamePlan" investing and especially our market and ETF timing strategies, we attempt to help you stay in sync with the trends of the market, so that you are selling closer to the top of the trend than the bottom and buying closer to the bottom than the top.