Financial Independence

Working because you want to, not because you have to.

Part of our job is to help you determine what your definition of financial independence is and what it is going to take in order to keep you there.

While you can never answer the last question with 100% certainty, you can take action on four fronts which will dramatically improve your odds:

1. Develop an appropriate income plan.

This guards against overspending but also guards against underspending.

  • When do you want to retire and are you able to?
  • What expenses will you have during retirement?
  • Where will you be taking income from to pay for those expenses?
  • What will you do during the week now that you are retired, and how will that add to your expenses?
  • Do you understand your Social Security benefits and when to begin taking them?
  • Have you thought about where you would like to live throughout your retirement and what it will cost?

2. Develop an appropriate investment plan.

  • Can you trust the stock market to provide for your retirement?
  • Are you concerned with the current low-interest-rate environment?
  • Have you made the switch from investing for accumulation in your 401(k) and IRAs to decumulation (spending as opposed to saving)? 
  • Do you understand sequence-of-returns risk?
  • Are you aware of the new retirement solutions that have been developed?

3. Develop an appropriate protection plan.

Protect yourself from things that can turn your nest egg into a goose egg. For example, what if you get stuck in the final stage of retirement in need of assisted living?

  • Do you know where your health insurance will come from during retirement?
  • Do you understand Medicare and how it works with your health insurance?
  • Have you thought about long-term-care insurance and where that fits into your plan?

4. Develop your "Legacy."

Why were you put on this earth?

Let us make the process easier. Use our tools and resources that we have spent countless hours and considerable dollars to develop. Our goal is to manage your retirement the way you would if you had our time, knowledge, desire and experience.

Call today to schedule a time to begin our discussion of how to develop your plan and eliminate the single biggest mistake you are currently making!