Our Firm

 At Investment Planners, Inc., we take a personalized approach to serving your financial needs.  We view our relationship with you as a partnership, created to build your long-term financial security.  Working together, we can put your financial goals within reach.

We believe that financial planning is an ongoing process that helps you live life in the way you choose.

We begin by getting to know you personally and identifying your values, concerns and life goals.  This enhances our ability to carefully construct your personalized financial plan, in order to minimize risks and increase financial security.  Taking this approach helps us to make recommendations that you are comfortable with and prepare you financially for upcoming life events.

Once your complete wealth management program is in place, we keep you informed through workshops, newsletters and annual reviews.

This two-way communication and personal service ensures that you understand how your assets are being managed and informs us about changes in your life, so we can make adjustments to your plan as needed.

As your partner in the financial planning process, we focus on the details, so you can enjoy the rewards.